Metal Prices of all Junk Yards and Scrap Yards in Alki

Highest Paying Junk Yards and Scrap Yards in Alki

Our list includes all Junk and Scrap Yards in Alki that recycle Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap.

Scrap-metal Removal companies will help you to get rid of your Scrap. Moreover, they provide Scrap Cutting Service.

Цены in Alki

Черныйup to $0.01 per lb.
Средние цены по стране

От чего зависит цена

Расценки за килограмм зависят от следующих показателей:

  • % содержания железа, цветмета;
  • габаритные размеры кусков;
  • наличие примесей, загрязнения маслом, лакокрасочными покрытиями;
  • наличие ржавчины, пайки, отжига и других дефектов.
И, конечно, чем больше металла сдаётся, тем выше предложат цену.


Компания может оплатить сразу на месте наличными или в пункте приема, переведя на карту.

Сдать металлолом компании, у которой самая высокая цена?

Нет. Цены в всех компаний в городе примерно одинаковы. Если компания даёт цену намного выше средней, это повод задуматься. Возможно, Вас попытаются обмануть при взвешивании (см. ниже)

Весы: механические или электронные?

Мошенничают с обоими типами весов.

Даже электронные весы дорабатывают и с помощью пульта дистанционного управления (или приложения на смартфоне) уменьшают отображаемый вес:

Защититься сложно. Лучший способ не быть обманутым - выбрать проверенную компанию.

Пункты приема

К сожалению, пункты приёма не найдены...

Scrap-metal removal

К сожалению, компании не найдены...

Scrap-metal - ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Scrap metal: second-hand part of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, which have become unusable, would allow for recycling.

Scrap-metal is divided into:

  • scrap,
  • Non-ferrous scrap.

For iron and steel scrap (ferrous metal) - refers handed the scrap products of iron, cast iron, stainless steel.
For non-ferrous metal scrap - include unusable products from copper and copper alloys, aluminum, magnesium, titanium, including the ship's titanium, lead, tin and other metals.

Scrap accepted for scrap-metal receiving points.
Scrap-metal items are available in each city, and the size of the item and its equipment corresponds to a constant flow of trade-scrap in the region.

The cost of ferrous and non-ferrous metals

The cost depends primarily on the geographical location of the point of reception, the distance to the end user - the steel plant or the port a major transshipment base.
The price affects the quality of the scrap. So to become 12A is the average price of admission 5 rubles per kilogram. A Steel 3A - 7 rubles per kilogram.
The average price of admission waste products of copper - 200 rubles per 1 kilogram.

Additional services scrap-metal items

There is in practice a situation where the company has come into disrepair mechanism or product and deliver it can not because of lack of means of transportation and pre-cutting.
For example, oil-filled transformers, as well as all devices sooner or later come into disrepair, but scrapped it is quite difficult because they require advance preparation - cutting.
Large Junk Yards and Scrap Yards have their own equipment and tools, as well as qualified personnel to perform such work. Of course, for them will have to pay, but it is more profitable than not getting anything at all and keep the territory of unnecessary objects.

What accepts Junk Yards and Scrap Yards?

There are certain items that are prohibited to receive. This ban is introduced to reduce the theft of metal products with a single purpose - scrapping and profit.
That is not a complete list of what can not take at the reception of the metal:
  • steel ropes and slings,
  • certain types of wire,
  • rails and other scrap associated with the rail,
  • the lid and rim manholes,
  • Do not cut the bottles, and other containers that can not be opened,
  • ammunition of all types, as well as unknown suspicious objects,
  • did not understand refrigeration and other units,
  • Any product with the inclusion of non metals,
  • certain types of chips.

Accurate and complete list of what to accept or reject an item to be recognized directly on point. Because every company has its own characteristics and capabilities for processing, storage and transportation of scrap-metal.

Categories scrap

Scrap-metal is divided into specific categories. These categories, namely the properties of scrap-metal, which belongs to a particular category, described in GOST 2787-75, which has been adopted in Soviet times, but these standards are currently registered with the Ministry of Justice.

List of the main qualities of scrap used to define the categories and determining the price

  • the carbon content in the metal;
  • the presence of alloying elements;
  • the size of individual pieces of scrap in the majority.